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At M&N recruit, we care for the well-being of our employees/staff. Thus, we make sure to work only with the country’s most trusted employers, industries, and agencies. All you have to do is to apply to our agency; and, we take care of the rest.

At M&N Recruit, you are assured that your skills are essentially matched to needs and areas in the industry. Meanwhile, M&N RECRUIT processes the necessary papers and reports in your place so that you are immediately and accordingly paid either as a temporary or permanent staff.

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Staff Benefits

M&N RECRUIT takes care of your work transition needs, work benefits and employee protection.

M&N Recruit is seeking for staff to work as:

  • Healthcare Worker
  • Registered Nurse
  • Registered Manager
  • Doctor
  • Cleaner
  • Bookkeeper
  • Administrator
  • Plus many more...

Note: You will be expected to cover either day or night shifts.

What papers should I submit when applying?

You will have to submit identification papers and other documentations that certify your qualification to work for a job in the UK. Accordingly, these papers include your passport, visa, and other supporting documents. If you are from within Europe, you will be required to present a national identity card; and, if you are from within the UK, you will be required to present a proof of residency.

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Online Timecard

How will my work be tracked?

Your work will be tracked via a time-card. Fortunately, our time-card is accessible online. Before we assign you to an employer, we will be asking you to set up your timecard placement in an exclusive link. After the setup, we will send the online time-card to your employer for work-tracking. We will also provide you a hard-copy.