Preparing your business for hiring employees

Whether it's your first hire or your thousandth, the process should be pretty smooth, and it will become more streamlined the more employees you hire. With any hire, you should take these steps to get your business ready for the new employee.

1. Get your paperwork in order.

In some cases, this paperwork could be one and done, where you create a template and just plug in the necessary information for each new hire. In other cases, it can be totally automated.

✓ W-4

✓ I-9

✓ Direct deposit form

✓ Noncompete agreement

✓ Employee handbook

✓ Acknowledgment form

✓ Consent to drug testing

2. Do your research.

"Research who is hiring, what the economic landscape is in your region, and review other job postings," he said. "It will give you an idea of things like salary and competition in the market – who else is looking for someone with these particular skill sets?"

Once you know that, you can tailor the rest of your hiring process to fit with what others are doing – or go in the other direction, trying your best to stand out so job candidates will be more intrigued by your company than others.

3.Outsource if you need to.

Not every small business has an HR department, or even someone on staff who is familiar with HR processes, and that's OK. It's better to find someone who can do the job well than to consistently make mistakes in hiring and end up with high turnover or employees who aren't the right fit.

"For businesses that have an HR department of one, utilizing outsourced resources for recruiting, payroll, benefits administration, etc. can be very helpful to handle the heavy lifting of compliance and reporting requirements for new employees, as well as the current employee base of the company," said Karen L. Roberts, SHRM-SCP and director or human resources at Flaster Greenberg P.C.

One of the best tips for hiring is to leave it to the professionals. "Don't delegate hiring to an untrained supervisor," Handrick said. "Interviewing, and being able to discern talent, is a skill."

Key takeaway: Don't just jump into the hiring process. Take the time for some pre-work, like studying the market's hiring conditions and gathering the proper documents.